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2 min readOct 20, 2022


Meet Joren Digital’s Front-end Website Developer Intern

By Privilege Machokoto

Meet Tshilidzi Vhengani, our intern and aspiring Full-stack Website Developer.

He grew up in Devland, Eldorado Park, Johannesburg and attended high school at Eldorado Maine Secondary.

Tshilidzi started working at Joren Digital in September this year (2022) as a Front-end Website Developer Intern.

“I saw working with Joren during my gap year as an opportunity for me to grow professionally and as an individual”

“I have never seen a company that is like family and very close to each other like this. I always look forward to coming to work everyday because working here makes me feel at home”, he says.

He currently does front-end Website Development doing content migration for different websites but hopes to learn more with time.

Tshilidzi’s initial course before he started working with Joren was Computer Science, but working with the company has made him want to do both computer science and multimedia studies.

He describes his work at Joren as not very challenging due to his previous front-end website experience that he just transferred to his current job.

Tshilidzi’s dream is to become one of the best Full Stack Website Developers in South Africa.

He hopes to have mastered the art of coding both back and front end website development by the time he leaves Joren to pursue his studies in 2023.




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